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Product Category: Sex Toys > Vibrators > G - Spot
The G Vibe Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
Manufacturer: FunZone Free Ground Shipping!

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G-vibe is made of high quality, ecologically safe, hypoallergenic, patented premium medical silicone! Quiet but very powerful motors with six vibration modes are located in both tips of the massager. The tips have a certain length and intensity of compression which perfectly conforms to female anatomy, including attention to G-spot location and pelvic floor. Correct stimulation of this area can give new and unforgettable sensations to a woman. It is, of course, well-known that the orgasm reached by G-spot stimulation is brighter and longer-lasting than that achieved by clitoral stimulation. But the special feature of the G-vibe massager lies in its simultaneous stimulation of the two sides of vagina (G-spot and the opposite side): a sensation that cannot be obtained while using a regular vibrator.

Being inside, the G-vibe creates a pleasant sensation of fullness without stretching the entrance. As with all great ideas, the design of the G-vibe is simple: the toy adapts to every woman individually. The wider a vagina is, the wider the stimulator's tips spread off due to the silicones elasticity. Every woman is unique. And G-vibe can be comfortably used both by younger women and also those who have given birth.

Six vibration modes of different sensitivity will give you brighter sensations. Control buttons are ergonomically located on the handle, which is made of the same material as the main part of the massager. This prevents the vibrator sliding in your hand if you use a lubricant. It also allows you to set an optimal vibration mode, quickly and comfortably. G-vibe is very adaptable: it may be used both for solo-play and by couples.
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The G Vibe
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Over All: 80%

Visual Appeal
Over All
OMG!!! So I was looking for a new toy and found a few that I liked, but then I went up to the cashier and I was looking at the stuff that they had in the glass by the register at the store and I saw this toy. They call it "G-Vibe", but I call it {{{AMAZING}}}! It's soft and it bends and moves with you, it's super easy to hold without it slipping because of the opening on the handle, and you can control the speed and pulse at ur finger tips! The pulse and speeds are perfect, no matter what my mood and level I'm turned on!! The girl told me I can use it like a rabbit (one end in, one end sliding across the clit) or use it how it's designed - squeeze the flexible ends together and insert and they bloom open like a flower to rub G-spot (I get it, G-VIBE!) and the pelvic floor at the same time (a new discovery that's heavenly!)! WOW! And the plus side - you just plug it in to charge it!! HANDY! When I travel this comes with me now! :) And it's SO worth the price. I'd buy another in a heartbeat if anything ever happened to this one!
Sex: Female Date: 8/29/2014   Nickname: Tiffani

Visual Appeal
Over All
• My new favorite toy!
THIS TOY WAS A HUGE HIT. I loved it, it came with a booklet with many different ways to use it even two for men. So I've tried all the ones I could. It can be used at a complete vibrator, an anal toy, as well as a clit stimulation! All were amazing. The toy was really quiet and can go from a light vibration to an intense on. The toy also has different functions of pulsations all very satisfying. Also having a thumb hole handle made it very easy to use.

We initially spent time going through the pictures in the manual, but went back to the ones we liked most during our session, which were all clitoral! Firstly, we found that although this toy was marketed for men and women, it really did nothing for my boyfriend when we tried it on him as illustrated. This is not to say of course that other men wouldnt enjoy it, but it just wasn't for him personally, and he does usually enjoy being stimulated! I enjoyed this toy being used on me internally by my boyfriend while he was giving me oral sex, but I dont think this is really an internal toy for me as it isn't shaped like a penis and didn't hit any g-spots. Absolutely great for masturbation or for clitoral stimulation during sex, especially with such a vast range of speeds on the toy. I have orgasmed quickly every time I have used it! A definite hit!

I can full on honesty say that there is no fault what so ever with this toy. The only thing I can say is that on my holiday I forgot to take the main charger and after excessive use ran out of battery :( so it would be nice to have a battery option as well.

This toy is very easy to wash and maintain, and we love the fact that it needs no batteries and can be used in water (feels lovely in the bath!!!) Its not an overly noisy vibrator, and we both actually found it to be a lot quieter than others we have used. It comes, as do most vibrators, with its own bag, which helps keep it clean in between uses. Nice discreet toy.

The Gvibe definitely put me in the mood for sex as I wanted to try it straight away... it looked exciting! Yes it made me feel more sexually attractive to my boyfriend he enjoyed the product as much as I did, which was refreshing. The item, in my husband's words, made me bossy - telling him to "lie down!" I loved that there were many different ways to use the item on me and my boyfriend. It came with instructions and pictures on different ways to use it but we also found a lot of different ways that weren't listed.

Upon opening the package we were both rather excited to say the least! The packaging was very well presented and not tacky in the least, yet we couldnt imagine what the G-vibe was for or how it could be used from looking at the image on the reverse of the box. The look and feel of the vibrator was wonderful, and unlike anything we have tried before (and we have tried a few!!) The skin of the G-vibe had a soft, silky and smooth surface and the body was very pliable, which made us excited about using it. The manual showed us exactly what we could do with this toy with frank pictures, it also explained that the item was waterproof and usb chargeable, which was great as we didnt have any batterys in the house! With its wonderful multi-speeds varying from very gentle to super fast and its pulsating mode, there has got to be something to please everyone and we couldnt wait to try it out!
Sex: Female Date: 9/15/2013   Nickname: Lacey

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