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  Your Personal Account
To fully take advantage of our site's features, you will need to open an account. Your personal account is 100% FREE and private. Accounts are open automatically as soon as you make your first purchase on our site. Your personal account will make your shopping experience convenient and more pleasant. Your billing and shipping information are stored for convenient and fast check out. You credit card information maybe stored at your discretion, you have an option if you would like us to store the account number or not. Creating an account enables you to track your order(s) in real time, save your favorite products in the "Wish List" for future ordering and fast & easy checkout process. You will receive important announcements and emails that will keep you informed of any future item(s) releases, movie releases, special events, incredible money saving sales and member updates. You may modify your information at any time by logging into your account.
  Changing Account Information
You can change your personal information, credit card, email, shipping/billing address and your email news letters subscriptions at any time by clicking on "Modify" in your account.
* Note:
Your account is PRIVATE; any changes that you make in your account can only be accessed by certain departments. Our Shipping Department is unable to look into your personal account. Shipping Dept. ships orders based upon what is stated in your email receipt. Any changes made after placing your order cannot be viewed by our Shipping Dept. You The Customer must email our Customer Service Dept of any changes to your account, once received, our Customer Service Dept will forward changes to the Shipping Dept.
  Wish List
The Wish List is a place for our customers to save a list of products they are interested in but do not wish to purchase at this time. If you find a product that you are interested in, add this item(s) to your wish list, make sure you are logged in your account and click on to add it to your account wish list. When ready to order log-in to your account, click on your wish list and pick up the saved product(s). The list is stored with your account information and may be edited at any time.
  Gift Registry
Your gift registry is a helpful section that let you share your wanted gifts to your loved ones. Register with a nickname on our Gift Registry page and once you have completed and collected your desired items, a link will appear that you will be able to send to anyone. This way they will be able to view your Gift Registry item/s, select the item you like and purchase it for you. You'll never receive an unwanted gift!
  What are 69 Points™  (Available Gifts)
69 Points™ are points that you accumulate and are redeemable for a FREE gift.
Points can be accumulated by placing an order or submitting an approved review. An account is required in order to collect 69 Points.
Click here to to open a FREE 69AdultToys.com Account

How do I accumulate 69 Points™?
There are 2 ways to accumulate 69 Points™:
  1. You earn 69 Points™ by purchasing from our store. Each dollar that you spend is equal to (1) 69 Point™.
    * DOES NOT INCLUDE shipping charge
  2. You earn 69 Points™ by submitting a review.
    If you purchased a Toy or DVD that we carry in our website from another store, you'll still earn points once you submit an approved review about the item that you have. First, pick the item in our website and then submit an original detailed review about it. Once your submitted review is approved, you will automatically earn (25) 69 Points™ to your account.
69 Points™ cannot be redeemed for cash.
  How to Add 69 Point™ Gifts
When you have accumulated enough points for a free gift you have the option to redeem it on your next purchase.
Before finalizing your order ("confirm your order" page), you will see on the right hand side corner of the page the “add a free gift button”. Check on that page and add the item that you want as a gift and it will be shipped out with your purchase. Continue to check out regularly. Your free gift will be added to your present order.
Note: It is illegal in a few states to send adult DVD titles. If your delivery area is located in a restricted state, our system will automatically remove the gift DVD that you have picked.
The US Government only allows our company to ship sex toys in the following states: Alabama, Florida Zip Codes 32300-32699, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Utah Adult DVDs are restricted in the states referenced above.
  How to Submit Reviews
Did you see a toy or a movie that you are familiar with? Share your thoughts about it. Click on the link "Tried this toy? Review It!" Completely fill out the form and share your comments. Don't skimp on your sentences- the longer the better, be detailed and creative. Your review has a better chance of getting approved that way. Ready? Go ahead and click on the “Submit” button, you are now on your way to earn gifts.
Attention 69 Adult Toys account holder! If your review is approved, your account will receive a credit of 25 Points. Start enjoying your gifts today. Don't want to open an account but you'd still like to submit a review? Go ahead and continue, your review is welcome but you will not earn any points.
You can change the status of your mailing list at any time by logging-in to your account and checking /un-checking your email address in Purchaser Information. If you don't have an account, you can do this change from our unsubscribe page. Unsubscribe instructions are included with the newsletter.
  Forgot Your Password
You can retrieve your password at any time. Our system will email your password to the email address listed on the account.
  Cannot Log-In
If you cannot Log-In, please email our Webmaster.
Make sure to include in your email:
• What Browser & Version you are using
• Account Email address
• What happened after you tried to log-in
  Account Privacy
We will not rent, sell your name or personal information to any third party. Information saved in your account is viewed by certain employees and departments, which require your information. 69 Adult Toys may change, delete, and terminate your account at our sole discretion for any reason without limitation or prior notifications.

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