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Product Category: Sex Toys > Vibrators > Clitoral Stimulation
Sqweel 2 Clit Stimulating Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
Manufacturer: LoveHoney

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Featuring a wheel with 10 lapping silicone tongues, 3 powerful speeds, 30% more power and a new reversible mode and flicker function for incredible orgasms every time - If you liked the original Sqweel you're going to love love LOVE number 2! This upgraded oral sex simulator features all-new functions, a compact and slick case and a 10 tongue wheel made from the smoothest of silicone.

Taking everything that's great about the original and making it even better, this is a whole new revolution in sex toys. Featuring 3 scintillating speeds of rotation that transforms the tongued wheel into a lapping machine, it offers an experience closer to cunnilingus than any other sex toy. It also features a reverse function, allowing you to send the wheel spinning in the opposite direction and a flicker setting that rocks the wheel back and forth! These added settings help to further enhance the better-than-real oral sex simulation, escalating your pleasure beyond the original capabilities!

Housed inside its own easy-care case, the #2 is easy-to-clean, store and protect. Simply remove the wheel to clean with warm water and soap or sex toy cleaner and leave to dry naturally before placing it back in its case until your next round of pleasure. Compatible with the original Sqweeler wheels for versatile stimulation and play. Team with lashings (or splashings!) of your favorite water-based lubricant to maximise your pleasure.
Does not contain latex
Does not contain phthalates
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 AAA Batteries ($2.95) - Required
 Refresh Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner ($6.95)
 Wet Warming Body Glide 3.7 oz ($8.95)
 ID Pleasure Sensual Lubricant 8.5 oz ($15.95)
 Wet Light Lubricant 10.1 oz ($15.95)
 JO Clitoral Stimulant Gel for Women - Atomic ($17.95)
 Liquid V Stimulant Gel ($18.95)
Color Variation
As Shown (White/Baby Pink)
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Sqweel 2 Clit Stimulating
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• Made me Sqweel!
A unique change from vibrations to flicking, the Sqweel 2 is one-of-a-kind. For anyone who likes light flicks of the tongue on their clitoris, Sqweel would be enjoyable. However, for a lot of ladies, especially those who need pressure to orgasm, this will merely be a teaser/warm up. Whichever category you happen to fall in, I still recommend Sqweel. The experience is like nothing else. If you're like me, you'll love it, and if not, I still couldn't imagine anyone downright hating Sqweel.

Let me just start off by saying, this is the most unique toy I have ever put to use! With 30% more power and reverse mode, the Sqweel 2 is apparently, an "updated" version of the original Sqweel, this according to Lovehoney. From what I understand, the Sqweel 2 was designed after many complaints about the original having trouble spinning when any pressure was applied, even very lightly. I wish I had the original to compare with, but it happened to go out of stock as I was about to order it, so lucky me, I got to get the updated version. It still would be nice to be able to compare the changes. Moving on...

The Sqweel original and Sqweel 2 were both designed by Trevor Murphy to resemble the sensations of oral sex, hence the little tongue-looking dudes. While nothing on the planet can feel like oral sex besides a tongue, this can be the next best thing for the ladies who love the sensations brought on by licking and lapping of the clitoris and both the labia majora and labia minora. Since I'm extremely aroused by nipple touches, licks and anything else that involves my nipples, I tried the Sqweel on them. It didn't do much for me there, but that's something else you could use the Sqweel for.

Sqweel is probably going to appeal more to single ladies, but my partner and I have a lot of fun using it together on me. It's actually a wonderful way to give your partner a good feel of what pace you enjoy during oral sex! I also have to say this was designed with us girls in mind, but if you love the sensation of tiny silicone tongues slapping your penis, more power to ya! Sqweel is going to be a good foreplay device for many of us.

As with most toys, Sqweel runs on batteries, so the first thing you'll obviously need to do is insert 3 AAA's. To do so, there's a plastic piece on the battery compartment, which is located on the back, bottom half of Sqweel. There's a slidey piece that comes off by using your thumb to slide this piece down, in the direction of the arrow. I wanted to warn that this piece doesn't come completely off, it just lifts, so you need to be careful when inserting and removing batteries. It doesn't fully open enough for you to see the battery compartment well, so it's easy to put pressure on the slider piece, which feels like it'd easily break. I came close to breaking it, and wanted to put that out there. To shut the battery compartment, you simply slide that piece back.

Sqweel's wheel will begin to spin after turning it on (the functions and controls will be discussed in the proper section.) Holding the Sqweel where the tongues are lined up paralell to your crotch is best. You can also hold Sqweel sideways, but it doesn't give the same sensation as tongue smacking your clitoris. Simple enough. Keep in mind though, Sqweel is not a vibrator. It's just a wheel of tongues, so you won't feel any vibrations.

The majority of Sqweel 2 is made of a shiny white plastic. The pink wheel of ten tongues is fully silicone. I've had a tough time finding out what exactly the plastic is, but will update if there's a change. However, I want to note that the body of Sqweel does not seem terribly sturdy. It will hold up and all, but one thing I voiced to my partner was "I don't wanna drop this thing! The plastic looks as if it'd fall completely apart." So I would certainly advise being careful with Sqweel. I'm considering making it a safe pouch to carry and store.

The tongues are smooth and clearly silicone. They feel somewhat squishy and the wheel they come on is flexible, but it's not so flexible I can grab one of the flippers and pull it very long. The silicone is somewhat grabby meaning I can run my fingers across it and it drags. This also happens on my cooter, so lubrication was necessary. You can see in the photo, that the tongues are easily squished together, but they don't fold up while in use. The wheel would stop spinning way before that happened.

And yes, you are allowed to use lubricant while using Sqweel. You need to. Simply add a small amount to the tongues or yourself. I just use a dab of a gel-like lubricant to one tongue and a little to myself so it doesn't get messy. I'd hate to turn this baby on and it fling lubricant all over the place! I stick with using a thick lubricant like Yes because it's thick, gel-like and will last the entire time I'm using it.

Since there's no texture, the Sqweel is easy to operate, not intimidating and is a simple clitoral stimulator, I would recommend it to all "levels" of players from beginner to advanced. It's actually a fabulous toy for anybody, and something I think would be wonderful for someone who has little experience with toys. It'd certainly be pleasurable and a few steps above the old traditional vibrator.

They are all smooth and have a non-noticeable seam down the middle of each tongue. Sqweel was larger than I expected, but it's definitely the right size. I assumed the entire toy would rest easily in my palm, but it's bigger than my hand. The slick white plastic is sort of curved on the sides to make it easier to hold, but it's the biggest clitoral toy I own. I wouldn't say it's a pain or discouraging to hold for so long, it doesn't get heavy or anything, but I have to situate it just right to get a good grip.

Basically, I assumed Sqweel 2 would have interchangable wheels since the original did, and I finally figured out that it does. I'm sure glad the original interchangable wheels available fit Sqweel 2 as well!

Personally, I find Sqweel perfectly discreet. Enough that I don't mind leaving it out on my dresser, but it's been staying on the bottom of my bookshelf the past few days, just because my family comes over and everyone's in and out all weekend. Since there are kids around, it's best to just keep it out of sight, but few people in my life would ever have a clue. I personally said I thought it looked like some type of high-tech fan. It does if you think about it.

Considering my first experience with Sqweel lasted a full hour, I do wish it was rechargeable, especially for the price. However, my 3 AAA batteries have held up well, but I have a feeling my trips to the store will be even more frequent than the two made just for batteries when it first arrived! Imagine the look the cashier gave me when I came in a second time for a second pack of batteries! You know why? Because some site's list the Sqweel as taking only 2 AAA batteries, and since mine came as I was hurrying out the door in the dark night, I took it in the car with me never noticing the fine print says "THREE AAA batteries!" So I bounce into the store at 10PM and buy my pack of 2 batteries. Then my partner and I get back in the vehicle, open Sqweel and try to power it on. Back into the store I go. The cashier looked at me when I handed her my second pack of batteries in less than 5 minutes, and I said "guess I needed more batteries than I thought (hee, hee, hee my nervous laugh.)

I'd consider Sqweel to be fairly long-lasting and not a total battery eater. I used brand new batteries and it's lasted for around 2 hours of use so far without showing signs of getting low. I am hoping I won't need batteries for at least another half hour of use.

Instead of vibrating, Sqweel's ten tongue wheel goes around and around at three different speeds to choose from, and then, if that doesn't cut it for you, you can go in reverse! Lonehoney says that the Sqweel 2 "boasts an exciting new flicker mode and has 30% more power than the original Sqweel!" Is that true? I so wish I could tell you, but the original Sqweel isn't sold anymore and I never bought it. As for this "flicker mode," I honestly have no clue what Lovehoney was smoking because there's no setting that resembles "flickering." Seriously, you have 3 modes, which are simply just faster and faster spinning of the wheel. Lovehoney says "The Sqweel 2 has 3 different modes, and boasts an exciting new flicker mode..." So what is this "flicker" mode? Like the back and forth one? Like a flutter? I'm not sure.

So here's what we really have, which is awesome enough for me, but I am really funny about companies that overdo it when trying to sell a product.

1. Slowest spin.
2. Quicker spin.
3. Fast spin
4. Back & forth

While the silicone tongues are soft and flexble, when on the highest setting, those edges are pretty intense on my clitoris, as I said before, at an uncomfortable level. I guess they're spinning so fast that they slap hard. It's no problem since I am in love with the first two settings, but I'm telling you, this baby can be pretty intense. I have a feeling most users will stay on level 2, but there will be some who like the intensity, or who need it in order to enjoy it.

You can go in reverse while in the middle of going one direction if you like. Doing this will cause the tongues to switch directions. As you can see, the tongues are sort of curled upward. So say you have what I'd call the bottom of the tongues slapping against your clitoris, hit the reverse button and it goes the opposite direction with the top of them hitting you. I personally thought it was a little uncomfortable to have the curled part hitting down on my clitoris. I liked the underside grazing me better.

Sqweel 2 has a total of 3 buttons, if you include the "lock" button. All are located near the bottom on the front, which I thought was a bad idea because you hold it near the bottom, and it's easy to accidentally press a button while in use.

The button you use to power Sqweel on, off and change speeds is a round button with a sideways triangle. Push the button once to turn on, and hold down for 3 seconds to power it off. The little triangle is clear and has an LED backlight! This makes it glow blue when in use. When you hit that button it also lights up the reverse button next to it. When turned on, they both stay blue. This makes it handy for using in the dark.

The reverse button, like I said, is located next to the triangle power and speed-changing button. It's round too and has two parenthesis on it. It looks like this "()" Any time you wish to go in reverse, you hit this button.

The lock button isn't a button you press like the others. Instead, it's slidable. If it's unlocked, you'll see the little picture of a gray combination lock with the hook unlocked. When it's locked, you'll see the gray picture of a locked lock. See photos. So when you want to lock it, simply slide the button over on top of the locked lock & vice versa.

I assumed this lock button would lock the toy, stopping it from spinning, so that it can't be accidentally turned on while in a purse or something. It's actually only there to lock the wheel compartment! Unlocking it will allow you to take the toy apart for cleaning or switching out different "Sqweeler" wheels. Trying to pry the wheel's compartment opened when the lock button is locked could damage the toy.

I personally think Sqweel would make a fun gift for a close girlfriend who I know is totally comfortable receiving such a gift. It's not something I'd spring on someone if I wasn't sure how they'd feel about it. Sqweel is something I'd gift to my sisters. Definitely. If the non-discreet package is something to worry about, don't gift it or do so in private.

I haven't been so excited over a toy in a long time! Sqweel had me anxious from the minute it arrived online. I bought it without hesitation, and spent the 3 days before it arrived talking about it every second. I then worried that I had built my expectations up too high and may not like it.

For the first several minutes, it felt awkward trying to get it in the right spot, and holding it was awkward. I wasn't sure I was going to like it. I told my partner it was almost like sticking my clitoris into a ceiling fan, with soft fans of course. But after fumbling around, I managed to hold it comfortably and figure out where to place it for the best sensations. After getting situated, I didn't put Sqweel down for an hour! Then used it again later that night and several times since.

My partner and I incorporate oral into our foreplay every time we're getting down and dirty. It's something I love and he enjoys performing for some reason. I got Sqweel because I couldn't resist how unique it is, and the talk about it slapping your clitoris rather than vibrate was too intriguing. I'm the kind of girl who likes slow, gentle licks. I don't care for fast and hard licks because it numbs my clitoris.

Sqweel has been an amazing foreplay toy though, and the mini O's I am able to have with it feel similar to the ones I have when my partner is performing oral before the "big one" happens. It gets me more excited than most vibrators though, and I love that. It's like the ultimate foreplay toy for me right now, and since my partner enjoys holding it on me, it works nicely for that.

STAFF NOTE: AMAZING REVIEW!! We're so glad you love the Sqweel and the Sqweeler Replacement Wheels! Another fun trick - lubed well, of course, if you use the slow setting on his scrotum or on your perineum (aka: 'taint) during oral, it gives great new sensations!
Sex: Female Date: 4/4/2015   Nickname: Cassie

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