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Product Category: Sex Toys > Vibrators > Massagers
Smart Wand Massager - Large Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
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The large-sized SmartWand is perfect for deeply satisfying all-over full-body massage, bringing soothing spa-level relaxation straight into the home! Fully waterproof with innovative SenseTouch technology, This amazing massage tool also include touch sensors that allows vibration strength to build as soon as the wand tip comes into contact with the body creating the most professional massage technique that works intuitively with your body and your needs. With a full 1-Year Warranty and 10-Year Quality Guarantee alongside all the qualities LELO is renowned for, you won't find a massager smarter than this!
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Smart Wand Massager - Large
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Visual Appeal
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• Any way you want it
The The LELO Smart Wand Massager in the large size is a great pick for a personal massager. The velvety soft, smooth silicone feels great gliding effortless over skin. The 8 levels of speed and patterns mean there is something for everyone here. The vibrations are strong while the toy remains surprisingly quiet. This wand is great for giving massages to yourself or to you partner. It can also be used as a clitoral vibrator.

The LELO Smart Wand Large is made of 100% body safe silicone and rates a 10 on the body safety scale. The silicone feels much more smoother than the other LELO products I have tried; it feels more plush to the touch. There is no texture to the wand, just smooth, silky silicone. It glides nicely over bare skin with or without lubricant or oil (non-silicone based). This makes it perfect for any user.

There is a metallic silver coated ABS plastic on the front of the handle of the massager. The wand, as a whole, is hypoallergenic, non-porous, latex and phthalates free.

The Smart Wands have many different functions. There are 8 levels of speed, 8 vibration patterns, a memory function, SenseTouch technology, a locking feature, and it is waterproof.

The instructions state that it has a 2 hour charge time which seems to be pretty accurate. Once you plug the charger into the port, the LED lights of the buttons on the handle will light up and blink. When it is done charging the lights will remain a steady glow. You should never use the wand while it is charging.

The buttons are easy to control and use. To turn it on, you will press the + button for about 3 seconds. Continue to press it up to 8 times to increase the speed. Pressing the - button will decrease speed. Holding down on the - button for 3 seconds will turn the wand off. To switch between patterns, press the middle () button. There are 8 patterns which are the same as the medium wand. I have pasted it from my medium wand review.The Smart Wands come with a travel lock feature. To activate this feature, press and hold down the - and + at the same time for about 5 seconds. Do this again to unlock.

Smart Wand also has a memory feature. When you turn it off and turn it back on again it will start on the setting it was last used on.

The Smart Wand large is of course, larger than the Medium Smart Wand, but I was surprised at how big of a difference there really is! The large wand has a length of 12" which is perfect for giving yourself a back massage. You can easily reach any spot on your back whether you reach from behind over your shoulder or under. The curved handle allows the head to glide effortless along the contours of your body. The flexible head is also great for covering every inch.

The head of the wand is 10" in circumference and I diameter of 3 1/8", which allows it to cover more ground than the medium wand. While it is a plus in that area, it may be a con to those wanting it for a sex toy because it covers a much broader area so you will not be getting pinpoint stimulation with this one.It will cover a large area when placed on your vagina. It is just a matter of personal taste when it comes to choosing which wand it best for you.

While it is larger than the medium, it is still a decent size to travel with. Both the large and the medium say they are 1 pound in weight. I honestly feel that the large is just slightly more heavier than the medium, yet it is still light weight enough that it won't tire your hand and arm out when holding it.

1) Steady vibrations
2) Slow, steady pulsations
3) Medium, steady pulsations
4) Fast, steady pulsations
5) Escalating steady buzz
6) Roller coaster
7) Faster roller coaster
8) I don't know how to describe this one it's a mixture of buzzing and pulsing, all over the place

The SenseTouch technology is designed to mimic real massage techniques by starting out slow and increasing to max strength when the wand touches the body. When you lift the wand off the body, you will notice that it will die down to a light vibration until you bring it against your body again. To activated this feature once you have turned the wand on, press the () button and hold down until the lights blink. Press the () button to go through the patterns using the SenseTouch. Hold down on the () button for about 3 seconds to turn the SenseTouch off and revert back to the normal mode.

The Smart Wands also come with a travel lock feature. To activate this feature, press and hold down the - and + at the same time for about 5 seconds. Do this again to unlock.

The vibrations are much stronger in the large wand than in the medium wand. I think the vibration is strongest in the head but can be felt throughout the entire wand. This may bother some people because on high, it will leave your hand and possibly part of your arm feeling buzzy. Personally, I don't mind it for massage but some people may hate this if wanting to use it for a clitoral vibe. It can feel a bit shaky as well. The vibrations are deep and rumbly feeling, very nice for a massage!

Due to it being so light weight, you will have to apply pressure yourself depending on your preference for how deep you want to feel the vibrations.

For the amount of power this wand has, it is surprisingly quiet. About half the level, if not less, than the Hitachi Magic Wand. If you are using it as a sex toy and worry about noise, turning the TV on, the radio, or something for background noise will help muffle the sound from being detected outside of a closed door. Someone needs to be right up at your door to hear it on the high setting.

As with my review of the Medium Smart Wand, I strongly suggest reading your manual before using this toy. It has some useful information to help you best care for your wand. It comes with a slip of paper with important warnings like not scrubbing with rough materials, not leaving in direct sunlight, not cleaning with alcohol based solutions and not using when charging.

The packaging is very tasteful and perfect for gift giving; there is nothing offensive about it. I kept the product box as well as the box inside of it that contains the wand and the rest of the contents. You can store it in the box like I do or use the pouch that comes with it. Inside the box is the wand, a 1 year warranty/10 year quality guarantee and an instruction manual.

I am happy with my large wand and I like having it along with the medium. Both are great to use alone or with your partner but when using for a back massage, the length of the large wand wins. I really enjoy these wands for massage, I just wish they had attachments like my Aphrodite InfraRed massager has. I don't mind breaking either of the wands out and massaging myself, unlike with the heaver and corded InfraRed. My arm doesn't get tired from holding it up so I can actually enjoy the vibrations.
Sex: Female Date: 5/22/2015   Nickname: Zombirella

Above Average
Visual Appeal
Above Average
Over All
• Yay for Lelo!
OMG! So, I had tried the other massager types before and they were so rumbly that all they did was make me itchy and then numb. It even makes my back itchy! Total loss! So any type of massager makes me feel a little nervous, but when I saw this one and FELT it, I knew I had to give it another try. This massager is SOOOOO SOFT! The super soft silicone coating does wonders and I never get itchy from this one! The functions on here are CRAZY good and still ridiculously intense and strong! And it's rechargable!! Which is always a plus in itself, but it's still just as strong as the plug-in, but better! =)
Sex: Female Date: 9/27/2013   Nickname: Latitia

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