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Product Category: Sex Toys > Vibrators > Massagers
Smart Wand Massager - Medium Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
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Smart Wands by LELO activate soothing vibrations the moment they touch the skin. Target sore muscles and relieve tension anywhere all over the body. Its powerful. The 8 massage patterns and multiple speeds let you customize the massage to meet your muscle-relief needs. Cordless design lets you use it anywhere you're most comfortable (even in the shower!).

The stylish and discreet way to feel better fast all over your body. Designed by LELO, the internationally known experts in personal massage. Their designs look as amazing as they feel. The Smart Wands are made to the same exacting standard. Fully waterproof. Made of body-safe silicone. Complete with a 10-minute auto-off.
Medium measures 8.5" x 2" x 2"
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As Shown (Black/Silver)
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Smart Wand Massager - Medium
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Visual Appeal
Over All
• What a Wonderful Wand!
The LELO Smart Wand Medium is a wonderul luxury wand massager made of smooth, velvety, body safe silicone. It is light weight making it great for giving a massage to yourself or your partner. Not only can it be used as a massage tool but also as a clitoral vibrator. It has multiple speeds and functions as well as a special SenseTouch feature. It is waterproof, rechargeable, quiet and travel friendly. It really is a great quality massager for anyone.

LELO's Smart Wand Medium is one of their newest products available in their luxury line of toys. It is made of 100% body safe silicone, is waterproof, has multiple speeds and settings, is light weight and conveniently rechargeable. It has a special "SenseTouch" feature that is unique to it alone which I elaborate more on in the performance section. This wand is intended as a personal massager, which to me means as an all over body massager and the reason I chose one. This wand is great for massaging out tension and pain on your body but is small enough that it can actually be used as a clitoral vibrator. This is great for me to use when I get a migraine that causes soreness in my shoulders and neck! It is also great to just give a nice, sensual massage to your partner or have them give one to you! With that being said, it is great to use alone or with someone special.

Nothing about this would make anyone thing it was being used for a clitoral vibrator because it looks like an innocent handheld body massager making it safe to leave out or take on trips.

The Smart Wand is made of luxuriously soft, velvety, sleek, 100% body safe silicone. I have other LELO products but this silicone seems to be more plush than the others I currently own (PicoBong Moka and Zizo). I assume this is because it has a flexible head and thicker layer of silicone.

There are no funky textures with this one, just smooth silicone all around. There does appear to be a seam that runs across the top and sides but it isn't able to be felt, just seen. The smooth silicone makes this great for any user. It will glide smoothly over the skin with or without lubricant or massage oil (non-silicone). There is no odor to the material. There is a metallic silver coated ABS plastic on the front of the handle of the massager, the rest of the handle is silicone.

The shape of the SmartWand is great for using on yourself because it has a slight curve making it easier to use on your own back by reaching your hand back over your shoulder or putting your hand behind your back to get the lower portion. It may not ideally reach all spots if you are like me and short (having shorter arms) but I can pretty much get every spot on my back using those two methods. The Large LELO Smart Wand is of course longer so spots will be easier to reach with it.

The circumference is 8 1/2" with a diameter of 2 1/4" and is a nice broad area for the head of the massager. If using this for clitoral stimulation you will be feeling it on your pubic area and/or vulva depending on how you hold and angle it.

The size of this wand is great for personal use and for those that don't want something big and bulky hanging around. It is also more portable than the large massagers out on the market.

One of the best things about this wand is that it is so light weight! It only weighs 1 pound so you won't be getting tired arms and aching wrists when using this for a long period of time. Can it possibly get any better? I don't think so!

The Smart Wand is rechargeable and will need to be charged before using it the first time. The manual says it has a charge time of 2 hours but mine didn't take the entire 2 hours to charge. You will plug the charger into the port at the bottom of the wand. An LED light will illuminate the control buttons on the front and start to blink. Once it has been fully charged the light will then remain a steady glow.

To turn the wand on you will push the + button and hold down for about 3 seconds. To increase speed you will press the button again until you reach max speed or the level you are looking for. There seems to be 8 levels of speed from what I can tell. To decrease the speed, push the - button. To turn off the wand you will push the - button and hold down for about 3 seconds.

To change to one of the 8 different patterns you will push the middle function button that sort of looks like this: () Press this button 7 more times to function through using the + and - to increase and decrease speed.

Now I will describe the patterns the best that I can:
1) Steady vibrations
2) Slow, steady pulsations
3) Medium, steady pulsations
4) Fast, steady pulsations
5) Escalating steady buzz
6) Roller coaster
7) Faster roller coaster
8) I don't know how to describe this one it's a mixture of buzzing and pulsing, all over the place

As I mentioned earlier, LELO has equipped their massage wand with SenseTouch technology. The manual says that this technology is designed to closely mimic professional massage techniques. The sensors in the head of the wand recognize when the wand has come into contact with skin and will begin to increase in intensity. When removed from the skin, the vibrations will die down to the lowest setting. To activate the SenseTouch once the wand is on simply press and hold down the () button for about 3 seconds. The control panel will blink to let you know it has switched over. To turn SenseTouch off just hold down on the () button for about 3 seconds and it will revert back to the low speed setting. Some people have reported problems with their SenseTouch feature but ours seems to be working like it is supposed to.

The Smart Wand comes with a travel lock feature. To activate press and hold down the - and + at the same time for about 5 seconds. Do this again to unlock.

Smart Wand also has a memory feature. When you turn it off and turn it back on again it will start on the setting it was last used on.

The vibrations have a deep rumbly feeling (and to me, a slight buzz). The vibrations are concentrated in the head of the massager but can be felt all over, though not nearly as strong in the handle. The two reviews on the larger Smart Wand have reported that the vibrations were strongly felt in the handle and left the user's arm/hand feeling numb/buzzy but that doesn't happen with this wand. If holding onto the wand where the plastic is you can slightly feel it. The higher up the handle you go, the stronger the vibrations.

The head is flexible and able to rotate and move slightly side to side which is great for working out sore kinks in the body.

I only have one other massager to compare this to, the Berman Institute Aphrodite InfraRed massager. It isn't as strong as the InfraRed but the light weight of the wand and the smooth, soft silicone make it just as pleasing for a massage. If using this for clitoral stimulation, power queens might not get off with it (or get off as quick). I used to own Liv and Siri but sold them because they weren't being used anymore since I got the Mimi and Uma and I can't remember enough to compare those with the Smart Wand. I can say that the Smart Wand isn't as strong as Uma but is close.

Girls that love clitoral stimulation and are a fan of wands know that they come with a good bit of noise! But there is no worry when it comes to the Smart Wand! The noise level is comparable to the other LELO toys. You can use this in your room and not have to worry about someone hearing outside of the door. On the higher settings, this will be heard in the same room. I have never been able to try a wand for clitoral stimulation because of noise and my current living situation so this was perfect!

The Smart Wand is waterproof but I haven't experimented with it like that yet but it does sound like something nice to incorporate in a nice bubble bath.

I strongly suggest reading your manual before using this toy. It has some useful information to help you best care for your wand. It comes with a slip of paper with important warnings like not scrubbing with rough materials, not leaving in direct sunlight, not cleaning with alcohol based solutions and not using when charging.

As I mentioned before, do not use silicone based products with this wand. To clean you can use a safe cleaner or wipe that isn't alcohol based, warm water and a mild soap or a 10% bleach/90% water solution.

The Smart Wand has a very nice box that you can store it in. I recommend storing it in the box or in the pouch that comes with it. The Smart Wand has a nice tasteful product box that would easily make it a nice gift or something that you shouldn't have to fear if left out. It also comes with a 1 year warranty/10 year quality guarantee and an instruction manual.

This wand was a delight to use alone when I recently got a migraine and started feeling pain in my neck and shoulders. As I stated earlier, I only have the InfraRed massager to compare this one to but I did use the InfraRed Massager Wand to help with migraine pains and I must say, despite this one not having attachments, I much rather prefer to hold onto this than the big, bulky, much heavier heated one. The InfraRed Massager is straight and doesn't have a curve like the Smart Wand so that is another plus for the Smart Wand!

The Smart Wand will glide nicely over the skin without any help of lubricants or oil but when giving a massage, we like to use oils that have a pleasant scent. The scent (and even flavored) oils were nice when paired up with the Smart Wand. If using for clitoral stimulation (or if you use lube for massage), only use a water based one because silicone will damage your wand.

I have been saving up for a Jopen or Insignia Lyla II, but I'm getting impatient and I really want to get the SmartWand Large wand for us now after trying this one out since it is longer and has a larger head (I think it would be better for back massages) so that will now be my next order! One of the other products will have to be pushed back yet again. I just really love the medium wand and HAVE to have the large too!
Sex: Female Date: 12/31/2014   Nickname: Zombirella

Visual Appeal
Over All
• I'll never go back to anything else
I seriously feel great after using this incredible massager. It can be used anywhere on the body and since I suffer from back pain, this wand has been a blessing! The strong yet virtually silent vibration delivers amazing relief. And as a clitoral stimulator??? All I can say is, WOW. I don't think I've ever had such flawless and intense orgasms. Alone or with a lover it just escalates my pleasure to a new level. For foreplay, the different rhythms of vibration are glorious. I can't say enough good things about this product. It's absolutely perfect from being totally rechargeable, it's silicone body-safe material to being completely sealed for use in the shower as well. It really does offer everything. The most amusing little option is that it shuts off after 10 minutes of not being used which is great because I ALWAYS fall into a blissful sleep after I'm done. How does it know? Why it even has a motion sensor that reacts when pressed on the skin. This wand is OUT.OF.THIS.WORLD.
Sex: Female Date: 4/19/2013   Nickname: Shelly

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