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Product Category: Sex Toys > Vibrators > Massagers
Miracle Massager Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
Manufacturer: California Exotic

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High intensity, ultra powerful massager with a maximum torque 2-speed motor, ergonomically angled shape, EZ grip handle, and a soft and supple flexible head for versatile use.
120 Volt AC
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Miracle Massager
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• My miracle!
This toy is guaranteed to get you wet. Literally. I purchased the MM after reading all the good reviews I found online. I was quite shocked that it did exactly what everyone said it would and more. I thought my water had broke (3 times on its first use) and I'm not even pregnant!

Miracle Massager is intended as an all-over-the-body massager. This can also be used as a clitoral stimulator since it is similar in design to a Hitachi Magic Wand and its sister massagers, the Magic Massager and the Rechargeable Magic Massager. This massager truly is a miracle; I love my new massager. It works great for muscle cramps, tension relief, and best of all orgasm achievement.

I bought this with the intention of using it mostly for achieving orgasm, which was awesome. This was awesome because I have never had a single toy before that gives multiple orgasms like this one does. When this is in use I get tiny orgasms that build up to an intense one. I have never felt this before with only toy usage. This is the greatest toy I have ever had.

I also use this massager on my husband for his muscle cramps and pains. He says that this feels very relaxing. He has me use it most nights, so he loves it almost as much as I do. I tend to take a break from using it on him and use on myself; this makes him giggle.

The best quality about this Miracle Massager is how powerful the vibrations are. They are so powerful that for me to achieve orgasm I do not even have to take off my pants. How awesome is that? The only thing I could think of to improve this massager is a better, easier-to-grip handle. I tend to get hand cramps using this massager.

This Miracle Massager can be used during intercourse. We did do this. It is a little bulky for this; however, this is not an issue in the right position. Also be careful of his testicles if using during intercourse. These vibrations are rather intense; this may hurt him if it hits the wrong area. This massager can be used with any rubber-compatible lubricant or without; using lubricant is recommend so you do not hurt yourself. This massager is not waterproof, so it can not be used in the shower or soaked when cleaning.

The Miracle Massager is made from PVC and PP. PVC can only be used with water and silicone lubricants. There is a removable rubber cap on the one end. This is the end that is used; only water- and premium silicone-based lubricants are compatible with this end. The handle is made of PP.

The texture of this PVC is smooth and hard with a slightly grippy handle. The rubber cap is smooth, also; this allows it to glide on the skin well. This will glide on the skin without pulling the skin as long as proper lubes are used. If using as a body massager, you are going to want to use lube, also; that way it does not pull out hairs.

The rubber cap has a slight smell to it but this was easily washed away after few washes. I did not notice any smell from the plastic. I did not taste this massager so can not say what it tastes like; however, I can not see a reason to know what it taste like. This texture is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. This is one awesome toy.

The Miracle Massager is designed well, except for the easy grip handle. It has a black, almost banana-shaped handle, with a flexible ball on the end. Located on this ball end is a red removable cap. There is a slideable red switch located on the handle. Also on the handle are some slight groves; this is considered the easy grip part.

It's twelve inches long, almost seven inches in circumference, and just over two inches in diameter. The cord is six feet long; however, this was not long enough: I had to get an extension cord and it weighs about a pound and a half, so this is not heavy on the hands. The coloring of the unit comes in black and red which is a great color combination; a nice change from usual pinks, whites, and purples. It is also available in a Men's Stroker Kit and in a Mini and Micro size, as well as a Women's Kit with Attachments, an Electric/Plug-In Kit and an Electric Kit with Massage Attachments to choose from.

The head of this Miracle Massager is designed so that it is flexible. This is great addition rather than it being stiff. This helps it work better for some of those hard-to-reach areas. I think the easy grip handle is not designed well because it is too simple. This is just a few grooves in the handle. They are not even shaped so your fingers sit comfortably. This is a flaw in the design; it would be nice if there were some grips like they put on exercise tool hand grips, where every finger has its place and it is squishy and comfortable for hand placement. This change would make the massager even better to use.

To control, there is a slide-able switch located on the handle. This has only two functions; these are high and low. There is also an off position. This is easy to control; you just slide the switch to desired setting.

The high and low functions are not that much different. They are both powerful enough to get the job done. To me the main difference is the sound. The low speed is much quieter than the high speed. Both sound like loud humming; this sound does get quieter when it touches a surface.

This Miracle Massager is not powered by batteries, so no more hassle finding some to use at the last moment. It plugs into the wall; this is powered by 120 volts. I have never owned a single toy that did not take batteries until this one, which is much better than any battery toy. The only problem is that the cord was not long enough; it is long, just not enough, so do get an extension cord for this.

The performance of this massager plows over all my other toys. This is the single best toy I have ever used. Amazing even for those days when I feel like I just can not orgasm. I highly recommend every woman to get one of these! This massager is not waterproof, so it can not be used in the shower or submerged in water for cleaning. Clean this massager before and after every use for it to be best maintained. If this is just being used as a body massager, I just clean it up with some simple toy wipes. However, if this is used in the genital area I recommend cleaning it with warm water and antibacterial soap, followed by a simple spritz of toy cleaner. Then you can allow this to air dry or you can lightly dry it with paper towel. This is an easy product to clean up.

I store this massager in its original box in my underwear drawer for now. I have a lockable case on its way; that's what I plan on storing this in. This toy is too big for my current small toy box. I recommend storing this in a place close to the bed. This is that special friend; you are going to grab it almost every time.

This is packaged in a cardboard box. Inside is a plastic holder with a cutout for massager placement. There is nothing special about this package; it's just normal packaging. This does come with some advice on the package: "DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER. Material PP handle and PVC head. Wash before and after each use. Always use a rubber compatible lubricant with this product for maximum pleasure." This is located on the bottom of the box.

This is not a discreet box since there is an image of this product on this box. However, this is a simple body massager so no one except you would know just what you use it for.

All in all, despite it's handle flaw, this is probably the best toy I have ever had. I have never owned something like this before and now think this is my new best friend. Every woman really needs one of these; so does every man!
Sex: Female Date: 12/31/2014   Nickname: Beck

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