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Product Category: Sex Toys > Sensual Body Products > Exotic Kits
Sweet Heart Box - Strawberry Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
Manufacturer: Kama Sutra

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This heart shaped gift box is bursting with strawberry flavored treats specially formulated to sweeten intimate encounters! Make your partner feel sensual with a Strawberry Creme Brule Body Souffle massage, indulge your artistic muse with decadent White Chocolate Lover's Body Paint and sweeten desire with a sprinkling of Strawberry Dreams flavored Honey Dust.
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Sweet Heart Box - Strawberry
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Above Average
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Above Average
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Above Average
• A great way to kick start a romantic night at home!
The Sweetheart Strawberry box makes for both a fantastic gift to your lover or a treat for yourself! Rather than buying a plain old box of candy for that special someone, pick them up something a little bit more sensual and really get their engine running. This is sold also in a chocolate variety, but for those of us who do not like dark chocolate (or who simply prefer something a bit more fruity!) the Strawberry box is the way to go. There are essentially three components to this box: Kama Sutra's Honey Dust, their Body Paint and the petite size of their Body Soufflé. In the strawberry box, both the Honey Dust and Body Soufflé are flavored like strawberries, while the Body Paint is a white chocolate. The chocolate box boasts chocolate crème brûlée Soufflé, along with dark chocolate Body Paint and chocolate Honey Dust. The Honey Dust is packaged with a small feather tickler, which is intended for use as an applicator, and the Body Paint comes with a brush as well. Kama Sutra's Honey Dust comes in a 50g or 2oz portion of product. It is placed inside a plastic bag, sealed with a twist tie, which is then tucked into a small, red, satin pouch. It is a soft, cornstarch-based edible powder intended to be spread onto and licked off of your partner's skin. The powder itself is a light pink, and it is very difficult to see on pale skin. Since the flavour and scent are not strong, this makes for a great starting point when engaging in a bout of tasty play. Because it is very fine, it can easily be poofed into the air or onto the sheets. Speaking of "poof," the feather applicator is unfortunately difficult to used, and might better serve simply as a tickler - a small makeup poof or brush would do a much better job applying a thin, sweet trail of this powder to your lover's skin. If you use too much of the powder, you may find that it tastes chalky, which is the last thing that you want in your mouth. The scent and taste are quite fleeting, so it is unfortunately not feasible to put this on a few hours before you intend to use it. It does dry out your skin, which can be either a good or a bad thing - a fine layer is a great way to keep off the sweat during an active session, or a great excuse to ask your partner for a rub down with the Body Soufflé. The Strawberry Body Soufflé is another lightly flavored treat, perfect for those who are overwhelmed by strong scents or tastes. It does contain some possible allergens, so be extra careful to spot test before applying this to a large area. I would not recommend consuming large quantities of this, simply because it is not intended for internal use. As with the other items within the Strawberry Sweetheart Box, keep it away from sensitive areas or abraded skin. This is much lighter and fluffier than either lotions or body butters - the oil to water ratio puts it between the two along a continuum. It's very silky and can help the hands glide across the body, but it is not a substitute for a good massage oil. If you'd like a brief massage, however, this is ideal. It won't stain your sheets, and absorbs into the skin quite well after application. Do not make the mistake of tasting this right out of the jar - rub it into your skin first before trying to get a sample, because the Soufflé is much more palatable that way. I find that this makes a terrific hand lotion because of the fleeting scent and taste - you don't run the risk of bothering those with sensitive noses, however you don't wind up with the taste of chemicals clinging to your hands either. The White Chocolate Body Paint is the odd-flavour-out, but since it doesn't really taste like white chocolate, I find that it is not too out of place (aside from which, white chocolate-covered strawberries are divine). This is a bit thicker than your average chocolate syrup - it all but stays in place when on the body, unless you heat it up beforehand. If heating it, be very careful to do so in small increments and stir thoroughly before testing the heat, to avoid hot pockets and unwanted burns. This Body Paint is again, lightly scented and flavored, rounding out the trio and ensuring that those who have a hard time with strong aromas or tastes can join in the fun as well. Unfortunately, this does leave a sticky residue on your skin after it has been licked off. The applicator brush is unfortunately a dud. It's quite rough, so if you are a fan of sensory play, it would make for a great foil to the soft feathers of the tickler, however as a paintbrush, it leaves a lot to be desired. It's too wide and inaccurate to be useful as a paintbrush unless you intend to use the entire jar of product on a large canvas, like your lover's entire back, and has the unfortunate problem of shedding. Luckily, it can be easily replaced with a finger or small makeup brush, and though it's rather uncomfortable and streaky, it doesn't take away from the paint itself. This kit is great value for your money if the products inside are to your tastes, especially if you happen to catch it on sale, as I did. Everything included in the Strawberry Sweetheart Box can be easily washed off with soap and warm water, which makes cleanup a breeze. This makes a much sexier alternative to traditional chocolates or flowers, and since the flavors go together well and provide many different textures and consistencies, this is all you need for a fun night in. Unfortunately, some of the ingredients do make me a little nervous, but if you are careful to test for sensitivities, you're consuming in small enough quantities that you shouldn't come to any harm. The packaging itself is quite sturdy, and can easily be kept long after the contents have disappeared - it would be useful for storing jewellery or letters, and is discreet enough that it wouldn't look out of place on your night stand. I think that this is a really sweet gift, and though none of the products on their own rank five stars, I think that in combination, this is definitely a 5-star gift.
Sex: Female Date: 11/22/2013   Nickname: Lola

Above Average
Visual Appeal
Above Average
Over All
Above Average
• Great for any day you want a sexy way to say I love you!
The Sweet Heart Strawberry Box is sure to bring you more enjoyment than any normal box of chocolates ever could! It's so cute packaged inside of it's heart shaped box and at first glance, you'd suspect it to only be an innocent box of chocolates. Included is a jar of strawberry body souffle, a jar of white chocolate body paint, a package of strawberry honey dust, a feather, a red satin drawstring pouch to hold the strawberry honey dust and a small paint brush. The Strawberry Honey Dust only has a very mild strawberry scent with a lightly sweet strawberry/honey flavor. The White Chocolate Body Paint, on the other hand, had a bit stronger scent but not overpowering by any means. The flavor is also more potent with the body paint but we found it to taste more like vanilla with a hint of chocolate rather than white chocolate. The Strawberry Souffle had the faintest taste and scent of all. It is very light with only a hint of strawberry flavor. The scent doesn't linger for very long after use either which my husband was glad for. I'm going to tell all my friends about this cute and sexy box of treats.
Sex: Female Date: 4/1/2013   Nickname: Nikki

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